Wooden Rings

Solid wood rings handmade from sustainably sourced hardwoods. Unique, beautiful pieces which are warm to the touch and light and comfortable to wear. Available with a selection of gilds, inlays or just plain, beautiful, natural wood. If you would like something not pictured here or on my Etsy store then please do get in touch to discuss options and designs. Custom work is always available and is more affordable than you might expect.


A stunning but now sadly endangered wood, the stocks remaining are the only ones still legally available. Get one now while you can!

Buy now with turquoise inlay, lapis lazuli inlay or plain wood.


A deep black, ebony-like wood with a close grain structure that is strong and hard and finishes wonderfully.

Available with lapis lazuli and turquoise inlays.

Pink Ivory

A stunning, red/pink wood with the occasional streak of yellow and orange, Pink Ivory is a rare wood that will turn heads.

Available here with pure gold leaf, but do get in touch if you'd like something else.

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